Eric Tabales

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As time goes by, just like a centrifuge, the essences separate from each other --spirit and matter. We are that essence. We have always heard that famous saying: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. This is how it has worked, until the centrifuge of time decants the matter, and nobody knows what happens to the spirit.

That is life.

The art not free from life suffers a similar fate --concept and matter, in which matter decants the same way, even though we insist to think otherwise. This is the reason why I have decided a long time ago to grab the process, the concept and the spirit.

That is Art.

This is what I look for. And from this game I have learned that nobody’s matter will remain. And while I am at play, I leave you with the concept. This is why I have always loved to play. And to play…

That is an Artist.

Evidently the historians, critics, restorers, curators, museums directors, as well as doctors, psychologists, scientists, politicians, bishops, teachers, etc., they all play a role. I suppose they live their lives based upon what they think life is.

This is what we made out of life.

Let us live life… the way each one of us wants it to play. Without judgment.

The Artist